Encyclopedia of Meg: D

D is for: Dresses

Ok, I admit this is not the most exciting of encyclopedia posts, but it’s definitely a part of me. (And I apologize in advance to the guys and dress-hating girls out there who stumble across today’s post.)

I love dresses. I find them to be the most versatile, easy article of clothing that I own. And frankly, my legs look better in a dress than they ever will in a pair of jeans.

One day I hope that I will master sewing and make myself a dress (crafty friends: feel free to send me easy, beginning patterns!).

Every time I go shopping, I want to buy a dress. I don’t always buy them (but mostly because I can’t afford to buy clothes all that often). I try to vary the style and materials of the dresses I buy so I can work them through my wardrobe. But I find that the most simple work the best, you can change them around with fun tights and a scarf in the winter and different shoes, cardigans, and belts in the warmer seasons.

And the best part about dresses? When in a rush, it’s literally one article of clothing to toss on and you have a great looking outfit!


2 thoughts on “Encyclopedia of Meg: D

  1. Hey there, I found your blog via Accomplishing Motherhood. I see you loooovee dresses & tights I’d love for you to participate in the challenge. Do it daily or weekly…just wear them tights!

    Congrats on the engagement as well!! gorgeous ring 🙂 🙂

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