I Heart San Francisco

I have always loved San Francisco. But lately, I feel that our relationship has been growing into something more profound, more real. The more time we spend together, the happier I am. Seriously though, in the last month or so, I’ve spent more time in SF than usual, and it really just makes me happy.

The last couple of races I have completed have been in the city (NWM and US Half). This meant not only did I run through a beautiful city, I also got to spend the night there, and eat yummy food (there are so many good places to eat! I think I would enjoy SC so much more if there were more restaurants).

But that’s not all I’ve done in the city. In the beginning of October Tawny (one of my oldest friends) and I visited the De Young. Thanks to my good friend and past co-workers of the CCAE for the passes. We slowly meandered through the multiple exhibitions, ending with some more contemporary pieces that I adored. Glass rain drops from the ceiling = beautiful. Then we headed to the De Young tower, experiencing some amazing views of the city. It would have been more enjoyable had it not been for the airplane show that drew crowds of people to the floor of the tower. But, eh, such is life.

Then on Saturday, again with Tawny, some of her friends, and Kevin, I headed back into

the city. This time we jumped aboard an Alcatraz ferry for a night tour of the infamous prison. This is the third time I’ve visited “the rock” but the first at night. The audio tour is the same as when you visit during the day, but there are extra talks offered (we saw the end of the prison door demonstration, the door slamming the first time left a real impression, but after about five times it was just overkill). You also have the opportunity to tour the prison hospital, any old medical equipments ups the creepy factor of an abandoned prison. Finally, the views of the city on a clear, November night are simply breathtaking. I’m fairly sure all our time outside ate up our audio tour time and prevented us from making it on time to any of the extra talks. Oh well.

This last time, Kevin and I walked through Little Italy (or whatever they call it in SF) in North Beach. I had never spent time there and I found it just lovely. And the best part? So many Italian restaurants! Yum!

escaping Alcatraz

Don’t worry, San Francisco, I’ll be back soon…


*thanks to Tawny for letting me steal these photos*


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