And So It Begins Again…

Some of this quarter's reading

The fall quarter has officially started. I have so far attended one of the classes I’m taking (Readings in the American South, 19th Century) and attended the class for which I am the teaching assistant (History of Sin).  I have to say I already love History of Sin. I look forward to working with both the lecturer and the students. In addition, I am also taking an Introduction to Visual Studies (my second field) and a 2-unit reading with the lecturer I am TAing for focusing on gender and sin.

Oh, and I’m taking dance again! My friend talked me into taking Jazz 2 and I’m equally scared and excited. Hopefully, I don’t fall down on the first day, haha! I’m sure it will at least provide for some interesting blog posts.

It’s always nice to be back in classes, with structured reading after my attempts at research through the summer – but at the same time I dread it. I know the workload that lays ahead. And the small paychecks (that don’t begin until November 1, October will be a lean month). Despite all the work and little pay, I do think this will be a good quarter. The classes look positive and I will have the chance to work with a whole new group of people. Plus, this year I’m a second year (woohoo!).

And of course, the return of the school year also brings one of my favorite things: beer Friday! Last year, we usually went to Joe’s on campus but this past Friday we visited Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing (one of my new favorite places). They have great beers and

Devout Stout on a Friday evening

good happy hour prices. Summer has finally come to Santa Cruz, so I hopped on the beach cruiser and headed over. Quickly, the place filled up. But the people all seemed friendly and unlike a regular bar, hanging out at a backing brewery lacks much stress or claustrophobia. Earlier in the week, the cohort (+ Kevin) also got together at 515 Kitchen & Cocktails. I love that place! They had a cocktail named Holly Golightly (and yes, I ordered it! For those concerned, it was very good, although a bit too sweet at the end.).  These are definitely the perks of being back in school – the cohort members are all back in Santa Cruz and the socializing has picked back up.

But since the quarter has started, I know my blogs will become shorter (and perhaps sweeter) and possibly farther apart. I do plan on keeping up the Encyclopedia of Me (tentatively on the 10th of each month) and I have some upcoming races, so look forward to those posts. But mostly, I’ll be reading, which I’m off to do right now. Happy fall everyone!


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