Travelin’ Along

I got a little behind on blogging due to some traveling… and I fear that as the beginning of the fall quarter starts to creep up on me, I will get behind again. But before that happens, I wanted to share some of my fun travels over the past two-ish weeks.

Kevin and his friend, Wes, had been eagerly planning a trip to PAX. Not surprisingly, I did not have any interest in attending the conference but I really wanted to go up to Washington with him. I had only been one time before and only for three days. This time, we went up for a whole week! While Kevin spent 3 days at PAX, I spent time with his family, my uncle (who is currently working in Washington),  my friend Natalie, researching, and enjoying some nice runs.

Before Wes flew in and PAX began, Kevin & I met my uncle for some delicious Italian food in Post Alley. The Pink Door not only had great food but excellent ambiance too. Plus, I rarely get to see my uncle so that made for a wonderful evening in Seattle.

The first day that Kevin and Wes attended PAX, I ventured up to the University of Washington. They have a beautiful campus and a library that had some great documents for my research.

Kevin’s aunt Kathy and cousin own a yummy little cafe, 2 Blocks Up. They hosted a birthday party the Friday night that I was in town, so since Kevin was in Seattle that night I offered to help out. While I don’t have any photos to prove it, I promise I did wash a great deal of dishes and provided some other assistance. But the best of the night was spending time with Kevin’s family (especially my partner in crime, Marylou) and eating and drinking some mighty tasty stuff!

I also found out that one of my best friends, Nat, had moved to Oregon over the summer. She volunteered to drive up to Washington to visit me. I hadn’t seen her in nearly a year and a half – so this was the perfect opportunity. She brought along her two sons and we had some great times eating yummy food and eventually making our way to Pike Place, where we posed with the famous pig!

I also ran while in Washington (of course!). Kevin’s dad shared a great trail with me that provided a beautiful run, even in the rain. I had just completed the Dirt Inspires Race so I kept my runs short.

Well we flew back into San Jose late Tuesday night, but I was on another plan the next day. My parents paid for me to have a quick visit with them before the fall quarter starts (thanks Mom and Dad!). When I’m in town I make sure to visit some of my favorite spots: Beach Break Cafe, Garcia’s (yum Mexican food!), Vinaka’s, and of course the Museum (my previous post has all the good information on their current amazing exhibition). But mostly I just relaxed and hung out with the fam.

While I love seeing my parents, I missed Kevin & Sami so much! And now, just about 2 weeks until school starts again.


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