Encyclopedia of Meg: A

I have a friend who writes an amazing blog (if you haven’t clicked on it in my blogroll, please go visit it: Gidget Goes Home). The blog has great tips on going green, delicious recipes, and sewing ideas (now I just need to break out the sewing machine and try them out…). But she also just has some great ways of blogging that inspire me and what I want to do with this blog. One of these blogging ideas is the Encyclopedia of Me series that I shamelessly borrowing here at my blog. So today, I have decided to institute this idea and begin my very own Encyclopedia of Me, beginning simply with the letter A.

A is for… Art! Ok, I know I don’t make art (although I make some pretty amazing little stick figures), I love it! I love going to museums and wandering around the halls and galleries. I actually like it best when I’m by myself and can linger by the pieces I like the best and zoom by those I’m not so interested in.

And actually, I should take a step back because while I don’t make visual art, I have participated and performed in much performance and dramatic arts over the years. One of my first and enduring loves is dance. I will always be a dancer at heart (and will be trying to attempt it again this fall…). And the theater will always be a home away from home. As many know, Camp Bravo has been one of the places that has facilitated and helped grow this love.

But back to the visual arts. Today I spent some time at my old employer, the California Center for the Arts, Escondido to check out their most recent exhibition. Ok, first of all – it’s amazing! If you live within a two-hour drive, you have to go! My favorite is Wes Bruce’s “The Secrets Surrounding the Mysterious Life and Psychology of Mrs. Augustine Greane.” I can’t even begin to describe the art he created, except that it made me feel the wonder of being a kid again. Second, my friend Tara curated the exhibition. She’s a crazy talented artist and come to find out, a crazy talented curator too! You can keep up with her experience of the exhibition on her blog (which is also listed in my favorite blogs to the right).

Despite the fact that I worked in an art museum, I’m taking my first art history/visual studies class in the fall. This is my second focus outside of history. I am excited and a little scared for the class. I know I will be completely out of my element! But it will be fun to learn a little more about something that I already consider so close to my heart. So that along with the Jazz 2 class (I’ve been told I will do fine … we’ll see) means that this fall will be filled with a great deal of art!


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