Otters for Neighbors

It’s been almost a year since we moved to the Cruz (it will be a year on Sept. 7 but we won’t be in town). I imagined that I would love everything about living here. But tourists that lack simple common sense combined with the closest Target being 20 minutes away made my love wither. (I know, I know … but I seriously love Target.) Not to mention that here summer is a tease. Oh yes, it will be 80 degrees in May and might even give me hope with 70 degrees, but mostly I live in a world of gray, 60 degree weather. So much for the summer dresses sitting in my closet. Hello again jeans.

I imagine finishing up my course work and some how getting some miraculous funding that will allow me to research and write my dissertation in some funky little apartment in the bay area. I know it will be just as cold, but I yearn for the urban life.

However, the past week has reignited my love for the S.C. It’s been a little warmer – with clear skies today and I’m fairly sure I experienced mid-70s yesterday. But the best part is the bay. I love the bay, and I love its inhabitants more. For the first time I’m finally seeing sea otters (by far my favorite animal… I wish I could say I took the photo displayed here, but I’m lucky if I even have a camera with me). Today, I saw a baby and mom sea otter swimming in the waves. Tuesday I saw dolphins jumping through the waves. And of course, my old friends, the sea lions, regularly greet me with their barking. So how could I not love this place? Sure we have our fair share of characters all over town and maybe following simple driving rules isn’t their priority. But we also have the redwoods, the bay, and we have otters!


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