I Love to Run!

Those who know me well know I run… a lot. I love running. But those who knew me pre-5 years ago would never have put running in any description of me. Unless it was that I ran away from running. I hated running for the majority of my life. I did anything to avoid PE and especially on the day we had to run the mile.

How did this miraculous change occur? Slowly. I began running with Kevin, but hated it. I stopped. Then I started again, wanting lose some weight. Then I stopped. I eventually got up to five miles but work kept me from being consistent. Off and on again until I signed up for the Carlsbad 5k two years ago. I kept running through that summer and then stopped. Working two jobs exhausted me, I got sick and had a hard time really running again until the following summer.

Then we moved and I kept running. I ignored my previous excuses (no time: I made time, raining: I ran in the rain). And I ran farther and farther (my longest run so far is just shy of 14 miles). I have run in 6 races and am signed up for 3 more in the next couple months. My current goal is to run in the 2011 Big Sur Marathon.

Sometimes I run with my dog, although she maxes out at about 5 miles. Sometimes I listen to my favorite podcasts (This American Life, Planet Money, or Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me!), sometimes music. Other days I like just hearing the noises around me (people talking, the bay, the sea lions, etc.)

But why am I writing about running? Because I love it? Yes. Because I think it keeps me sane? Absolutely. Because I want to motivate others to run? Definitely. I love when I see others out running (those who are both obviously newbies and seasoned pros). And I love to encourage others to start running or keep running.


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