Comic Con & Curiosity – A Weekend in San Diego

Last weekend, we made a quick trip down to San Diego.

Giving Lego Harry some bunny ears!

We had planned the trip to attend the first day of Comic Con this year. Comic Con is always fun for the people watching and random celebrity sightings. Once we had checked in, grabbed our badges, and were armed with possibly the biggest grab bags ever we made our way to the convention floor. This year lived up to expectations, with a cute kid dressed as Hit Girl and seeing the cast of The Big Bang Theory signing autographs. We saw them last year, just as randomly. I love the show, so its fun to see the cast, even if its over a crowd of people and snippy security guards. I was a little sad to find out that my current favorite show, Bones, would only be at the Con on Friday. However, I found this super nerdy but awesome comic book/faux history textbook Boilerplate that totally made my day.  Despite some sore feet at the end of the day, we had a great day at the Con.

Posing with the "Spring" tree

I also volunteered at my old job, the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, helping out with their fundraiser auction, Curiosity. I helped out by being the evening’s MC, announcing various entertainment and auction end times. My former co-Teaching Artist, Lee Ann, and I also had a great time with our photo shoot through the Museum’s various “seasons.” I love the Center and all my former co-workers, so it was a treat to both get to see old friends and be able to help out the organization. Plus, getting all dressed up never hurts!

Speaking of the Museum, they have a great new exhibition opening in August, Leveled. You can track the progress through (my good friend) the curator’s blog: ArtUncovered.

Now, however, our fun-filled weekend is over. We are back in the Cruz and I’m back to being a Teaching Assistant.


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