Welcomed Home with a Bang & a Puddle

We decided to come home from our 2-ish week stay in So Cal on the Fourth of July. This meant no traffic and some great entertainment toward the end of our drive (particularly in Gonzalez and Salinas, where fireworks burst right above the 101). We pulled in the SC with fireworks still popping all around us, what a greeting!

Then we made our way into the apartment. One of the first things I did was fill Sami’s water bowl. Immediately a puddle appeared on our kitchen floor, looking something like this:

Kitchen Puddle

The next morning we called the apartment office, but unfortunately it was still their holiday. This meant we lived without our kitchen sink all day (and subsequently, for the next 2 days). This all happened while my friend Cookee stayed with us, of course! Eventually, we had both the maintenance man and a plumber under our kitchen sink. After removing part of the wall of cabinet, the floor of the cabinet, and finding a few nasty little bugs, they discovered the broken part of the pipe was encased by concrete. They also found out that if anyone in the apartments above used their sink or dishwasher, we’d get another puddle in our kitchen. Lovely. During this time, I heard them use frightening words such as “come back tomorrow” and “jackhammer.” Jackhammer!?!

The innards of the kitchen cabinet

They did come back “tomorrow,” worked all day, and left me with a working sink and some new concrete. During this time, the pup and I hung out with a neighbor, avoiding a messy, loud, kitchen reboot. Here is the rest of the photo documentation for your viewing pleasure.

Setting up a pipe to suck up the mess.

Where does that hole lead to under the sink? (Post jackhammering)

Messy kitchen

Kitchen without a sink

New piece of pipe, yay!

New concrete... almost done.

Hurray for a working sink!

As I finish this post, the maintenance guy is finishing up the cabinets, replacing its bottom and the sideboard.


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