It’s [still] Alive!

I admit it. I have a black thumb. Give me a plant and I kill it… quickly.
But I keep trying. I had grand plans of a vegetable garden this year. We have a little space that would have been perfect for some tomatoes, herbs, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini. But I never got around to it and it’s getting quite late in the season. However, I did get a basil plant.
I’ve had the worst luck with basil. I try and try, but sad dead basil is what I always end up with. Not this year. I’m proud to report that I have kept my little basil plant alive for a month… a whole month!!!
This requires paying entirely too much attention to a little plant. I check the moisture of the soil daily. I move it around the patio, chasing the sunlight to give it 6-8 hours in the sun.
Is it worth it? Yes! I’ve now made two batches of fresh pesto (my favorite). And feel like I can claim a little less of a black thumb. Now, I just have to keep it alive.


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