Running the Trail

Just about to cross the finish line.

This morning I ran my first trail run race. The San Lorenzo Trail Run has multiple races: 10k, Half-Marathon, Marathon, & 50k. I ran the 10k, so glad I didn’t go for the half!!

I signed up for the race last-minute. A friend posted a link on Facebook on Friday and it sounded fun, so I thought, why not? I had planned to keep working toward my goal of a 45 minute 10k, but ended up with a time of 57:34(ish). It might sound like I would be very disappointed in this time, wrong!

The first mile or so of the run went straight up (by the turn around point we had climbed 800 feet). This first part also weaved through the trees on a very small trail, leaving not much room for passing. This meant my pace relied on the mass group I found myself stuck in. And we just kept running uphill, meaning I didn’t have much chance to make up for lost time. I thought I’d make up for that time coming down, but my exhaustion and fear of tripping kept my pace slow. Combine all that with a rocky path and my klutzy self and your left with slow running.

My goal quickly changed from getting that 45 minute time to not walking during the race (which I’ve never done until today) to finishing the race. Thankfully I did finish the race and I finished well, placing 3rd in my age division. I will definitely do a trail run again, but now that I know what to expect I hope to be more prepared on my next race.


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