The End is In Sight!

I know, I know… it’s been a long time since my last post. Over a month, in fact. Since then I ran another 10k (and despite not making my goal and running in the rain, still got my personal record!), went to a Padres-Giants game (Padres won!), spent some time with modern art with my of my oldest friends, went to a David Sedaris reading, and am seeing one of my current favorite bands She & Him, tonight. But mostly I’ve been reading, grading, and writing.

I had hoped this quarter would less stressful than last quarter since I didn’t have nearly as much reading assigned to me. But I didn’t take into account that I had enrolled in two research seminars (meaning I have two research papers I’m writing). I like the projects I have been working on, but have been exhausted all quarter long. But the end is in sight, the quarter (and my first year as a PhD student) ends in just two (hopefully short but productive) weeks.

Other than that, my life has been mostly consumed with running. I have been wanting to push past my current longest run (13.4 miles) and start working toward my goal of running a the Big Sur Marathon in 2011. However, my bad habit of not stretching enough has really been haunting me and my legs have been so sore lately. Today I am taking the day off, hoping to get a long run in tomorrow (if I get my school work done today). On my sidebar there is a link to dailymile. This has been a lifesaver for me! You track and log your run and other workouts, along with following others workouts. This helps me for two reasons. One, I hate not being able to post a run because I decided to take the day off and knowing that helps me push myself to run five days a week. Two, I love reading other people’s posts and running tips. It’s especially great for me since I don’t have a running partner (and Sami’s runs max at about 3 miles, although sometimes she goes a little further).

I’m looking forward to pushing myself further in both running and school work this summer. I have a convention presentation in June (look forward to a blog post about that in the future) and hope to read some of the books I’ve had to shelve during the school year. I also have another half-marathon in August. I also hope to be a better blogger over the summer!


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