The Juggling Grad Student

The life of this grad student is all about juggling activities! Since my last post I have started a new quarter, continued writing for anther blog (RadioSurvivor), moved, and ran my first half marathon!

Let’s begin with the new quarter. I’m looking forward to this quarter. I’m in about the 3rd week now and already behind (but more on that in the moving section). I am taking some classes I’m very excited about and am working as a teaching assistant with the same lecturer I worked with last quarter. That class is Cold War Culture. Before deciding to study 19th century women and religion, my first historical focus looked at media during the Cold War, so I’m excited to be a teaching assistant for this course!

The Cold War Culture’s lecturer also writes for the RadioSurvivor blog. At the end of the last quarter, he asked me to start writing some blog posts. Since then I have written three posts, the last one was co-written with him (but I got the byline). I’m probably the most excited about this most recent post, so I’ll provide a link here: “By Talk Radio Standards, Most Famous Republican Presidents Were Socialists.”

In addition to beginning a new quarter, we moved! Ok, its not as crazy as it sounds… we just moved down the hall into a little bigger place. It’s really nice and we love it. But it meant that the last 3-4 days have been spent moving and settling into our new place, leaving little time for reading. So after I finish this post I will be spending all day trying to catch up!!

Finally, yesterday I ran my first half-marathon! The local paper wrote this about the race: “Schneider, Shohet winners at SC Half Marathon as Most Runners Beat Rain.” I’m right smack in the middle of that giant crowd! The morning was cold and windy and soon after I finished the run, it started to rain. But I met my goal time and really enjoyed the run. Just before I crossed the finish line, Kevin and Sami, joined with our friend Pat and his dog, Owen, cheered me on and took some photos. At the top of this post is my official results from the run. I have found running to be imperative for my survival as a grad student. While I don’t run everyday (today I’m taking a day off to catch up on reading and let my body recuperate from the race), I do try to make time most days. I find that having an activity to do regularly that is not school related is healthy and also forces me to better manage my time. I highly recommend all students finding some type of daily activity that they can do for an hour or so that removes them from their school work.

Well, blogging friends, that’s it for today. In the meantime, I’ll be reading and running 🙂


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