Our Nation of Compromises: A Thought About Health Care Reform

I am so excited that health care reform passed the House last night! There are flaws with the bill and its far from perfect, but it’s the beginning of a future that I’m excited to see start in my nation.

However, what I really want to write about is the way this effort to reform the broken system of health care has divided our nation. I know that not everyone wants or believes in this reform effort. While I don’t agree with them, I respect their opinions. However, we are a nation of people who have very different ideas of what the country should be and what our Constitution means. We are a diverse nation and that means making change can be very difficult. However, we all have to take a step back and recognize that there will be times that our nation’s government (under the power bestowed upon them by the Constitution) makes decisions we do not agree with.

For example, when war was declared in April 2003 against Iraq, I was ashamed to be an American. Like many are saying now, I believed that this was a failure of our country’s ideals. That was a day I was very sad. I had a friend on Facebook who posted after last night’s historic vote that she wanted to leave the US to somewhere away from the reach of the government. At first I was saddened to see such a response when I was so elated. However, I remembered how I felt when the previous president made decisions I didn’t agree with (signing the Patriot Act, declaring two wars, instating No Child Left Behind…) and I too wanted to leave the nation. But I didn’t, I stayed and continued to watch decisions I didn’t agree with be made. And then I voted for who I believed (and still believe) was the best person to lead our nation. And now, a great step (in my opinion) has been made and I am elated.

My point is a simple one. The government will always make decisions that affect our lives that we will support or condemn. We will be affected by these decisions (sometimes they will surprise us and turn out the opposite way we expected and sometimes they will meet our expectations). However, I still believe that the government system we have in place is a great one. I still take pride in my government and the Constitution. I voice my opinion to my leaders through my vote and through contacting my representative. After 8 long years of disappointment, I am encouraged by the direction that this nation is taking. For those who feel the opposite, don’t forget you will again, sooner or later, have a president/congress that you support and “my side” will be disappointed again.

For better or for worse, this is a nation of compromises.


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