Rainy Day Schedule

A couple of years ago, when I still lived in San Diego, I bought a pair of galoshes. I knew it barely ever rained and when it did, it was not enough to excuse my purchase. But I thought they were so cute and one day a year, they kept my feet warm and dry. Now, they have become the most practical pair of shoes I own.

This is a long way of saying that it rains here… a lot! I have noticed that it usually rains on Tuesdays and Thursdays, specifically between 3:45 and 4:00pm when I walk all the way across the UCSC campus. I actually really like the rain, especially when I can be in my pajamas at home watching a movie or reading a book (even better, reading a book for pleasure!). Ideally, I’d live someplace with a fireplace and be able to curl up next to the fire on a rainy day. However, it seems to rain predominately when I am walking all over campus, lugging around books, notepads, and a few assignments needing to be graded, but instead receive large rain drops.

However, the rain brings pleasant surprises. I have been training for a half marathon and have found that I really enjoy running in the rain. I love that only the runners and surfers are out and the bay is all riled up with large waves crashing on the rocky shore. I also love that when it rains, the deer come out more regularly on campus, nibbling on the wet grass. And, when it rains… I get to wear my not-so-impractical rain boots!


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