It's Hard to Be a Blogger & a Grad Student

Yes, it’s really hard to try to blog regularly and be a grad student. The professor I’m TAing with this quarter said it well when describing the difficulty of being a steel worker in the 1920s (and I paraphrase), they work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week … kind of like being a grad student but with steel. Truer words may never have been said.

This quarter has been especially busy. I’m taking a directed reading with my advisor and now spend all my time reading. While I must admit reading 5 books a week for one class overwhelms me, I am learning so much. In some ways, I feel as though I’ve learned more in the past quarter and a half than I did getting my Masters.

Of course, I’m not just taking one class and my life is not filled with reading alone. I am also a teaching assistant. This week I prepared for my sections as I normally do, and then forgot my outline in my printer tray. I realized this as I pulled out my materials to lead section. Surprise! So I panicked for a moment and then tried to quickly jot down some of the concepts I had wanted the students to discuss. While I feared this might be the worst section ever, the students really rose to the challenge I had created. They had taken my call to bring their own questions and comments on their reading to task, and presented some very interesting points that led to great conversations. I have to admit, it was a great section. Gold stars to all those students! Thankfully, I also remembered the large concepts I had wanted to cover and so I was able to keep the discussion moving forward.

This week (other than being an adventure in TAing) also marks the half way point of the quarter. And let me say, the quarter is flying by!! I’ll try to post more regularly the rest of the quarter and share any fun stories. Until my next blog…


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