End of Quarter… So Close

Well, it’s been a while since I lasted posted, but I have been so busy! Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks:

I had decided early on that I would not be going to San Diego for Thanksgiving. I knew I would be going home a few weeks after that and I decided instead to save money and time and stay in Nor. Cal. Thankfully, my dear friend Monica invited Sami and I to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Monica is one of my oldest and closest friends. But she does not like dogs, so for her to include Sami in the invitation and allow the dog to stay in her house for over 24 hours was amazing of her! It was so great to spend some time with her, and I love her kids, they are great! Plus, there was homemade pie… it can’t get much better than that.

The day after Thanksgiving, an even older friend of mine, Sarah (who I have know for about 23 years) and her husband were able to come and visit me. They spent their Thanksgiving camping in Big Sur. They met in Monterey and I think they were just happy to be back in the bay area. I loved having them (even though we are all terrible at Beatles:Rockband!) We toured the campus and spent a few hours in downtown SC for delicious pizza, cookies and Sarah got some Christmas shopping done too. Unfortunately they were only able to stay until Saturday night.

Thankfully that same Saturday night, Kevin finally moved up! He has been living in So Cal this whole time so I am SO EXCITED to have him up here! He was able to get a transfer from his work from Vista to San Jose. Unfortunately he still has quite the commute. In fact on Monday and Tuesday, he drove through snow!! We have had record cold temperatures the past week, brrr! I wish it had snowed in town… but no such luck.

Tuesday night I turned in my last assignments for my classes this quarter. It has been rough, I’m learning to write in a style I don’t have much practice in writing. It has been a real challenge and I worked really hard on the last paper to overcome some of the weaknesses I’ve had writing this way (fingers crossed!). All I have left, which I’m obviously putting off by blogging right now, is to grade 46 research papers and write the students’ evaluations. Then the quarter is really over!

I will be home for a few weeks to spend time with my family and friends. But the winter quarter begins the first week of January, so my break will be short. I plan on blogging about my break in January, so until then I hope anyone who reads this enjoys their holidays!


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