Surviving Crazy Dogs and Windy Storms

This week I survived my first Northern California storm. But more on that in a second, I also survived some crazy dogs trying to befriend (or attack Sami). My friend was house/dog sitting for some friends and invited Sami and I to spend the weekend with her. We lasted about 24 hours. One of the dogs, Gus, was very sweet (although he did chew up my friend’s sweater, which tarnished her opinion of him). The other dog, Bailey, was very unsure of Sami’s presence. Sometimes she liked Sami… sometimes not so much. My dog doesn’t have much experience with other dogs not liking her, when Bailey bared her teeth at Sami, Sami suck her face in the dog’s mouth… hmmm. Well, between fighting and playing Sami got her face a little banged up (her eye was all swollen). She couldn’t let herself rest so I decided to head back home instead of staying a second night. Sami and her new frenemies are in the photo below. And don’t fret, Sami’s eye is all healed up! Good as new.

Secondly, I survived the first major storm of the season. In my opinion, the rain didn’t seem too crazy. Although there were 4-6 inches over the day and a half of rain. What was overwhelming, however, was the winds. I’m talking up to 60 mph gusts! And it was a mess, my car was littered with pieces of redwood trees from campus and my patio was covered in debris. I saw city workers cleaning up Santa Cruz yesterday afternoon. Apparently there were some uprooted trees as well. In Santa Cruz, there are still about 2,500 people without power! Thankfully, I didn’t lose power, phew! While the storm might have been overwhelming (especially since I don’t own a rain jacket), it sure made for some beautiful scenes. Below is a photo of the trees on campus after the rain had subsided. The bay was especially awesome. The tide was high and water was crashing up on the cliffs. I didn’t have a camera/phone with me when I was there, so unfortunately no photos of the bay.

I know there will be more storms to come, but for this Southern California girl… this was quite the introduction to Nor Cal weather!




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