The Most Beautiful Campus

deerIn case you didn’t know, UCSC has the most beautiful campus. Everyday that I am at school I can’t get over how beautiful it is. I am surrounded by these huge trees and then I turn around to see the Monterey Bay. Really, can it get any better?

It can because there are deer on campus! I know there is wildlife in Southern California, I just rarely saw it. Tiny squirrels and annoying crows just didn’t cut it for me. Therefore, I love that I come on campus and see deer…. everywhere. I was lost today at school (which is nothing knew here, I’m lost everyday on campus, I take the wrong path and instead of 5 minutes it takes me 20 minutes to get to the library) but I couldn’t even be mad because there were beautiful deer grazing all over campus this cold fall morning. This one was especially cute as he looked at me taking a picture of him (or her, I’m not sure…).

It’s not just the campus that is full of such beautiful wildlife either. I go for a run and see pelicans diving for their food and sea lions relaxing on their rock. I also hear the sea lions every night from where I live!

It’s so motivating to be surrounded by such beauty. It makes a longer walk to the library more peaceful, reading on a bench relaxing, and when I don’t feel like running, I can’t help but think of how beautiful the bay is and how I will be able to admire it as I run… so I go for my run after all.


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