High School Reunion

Last night was my ten-year high school reunion. I had, until recently, been looking forward to going. I was excited to spend time with some of my really good friends from high school that I have kept in touch with, as well as see those who I have lost touch with. I also think I had some type of hopeful thought that I would see people there that I was not really friends with in high school and have a chance to connect now. Well, as I said I had been excited about going until recently. Within the weeks leading up to the actual event I learned that some people that I had really hoped to see there weren’t going to be there and I’m moving in a week, so the reunion became another task to complete on my already too long list. Not too mention, I had already committed myself to running a scavenger hunt at a local history museum that same day! (There was a photo of kids going on the scavenger hunt in a local newspaper.) So, as the days came closer, my excitement had definitely waned about going to my reunion.

However, I had already made plans to go with one of my best friends and I was happy to spend time with her (especially since we don’t live close to each other). The night began with promises of a lack luster event. My name tag (which they make you wear) had the wrong name, not many people were there, and the drinks were way over priced! But as the night progressed, it turned out to be fun. I learned that reunions are really just an extension of high school. All the same groups talked to their circle of friends and there weren’t really any shocking revelations about anyone I had graduated with. But, I did enjoy spending time with the old friends who did come, and I made a new friend who I didn’t remember from high school. I suppose if you are going to move 400+ miles away from your hometown for the first time, a high school reunion is a fitting way to end that chapter of your life.


One thought on “High School Reunion

  1. We recently went to my husband’s 20 year reunion. While he felt the same about his 10 – just an extension of high school – the 20th was a LOT better! The cliques were gone, and everyone was much more real and friendly. Don’t give up! Your hope for you reunion experience may still be realized, just later than you hoped. (The over-priced drinks will not change, however – sorry!)

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