Going Away Party

Today I had a going away party. Although I don’t move for another two weeks, I didn’t really have another chance to throw a party and I really wanted an opportunity to see all my friends before I go. The place I currently live at has a great pool, so we all spent time there. The last couple days it has been overcast, but today was a beautiful sunny day. It was the perfect day to spend at the pool.

It was so great to have all my friends from different parts of my life together in one location. We had to wait a little too long for the pizza to arrive, but if that’s the worst thing that happens then it’s a good party.

Besides enjoying time with my friends and finally eating that pizza, the party made me realize something else. I have been focused so much on moving lately and what my life will be like when school starts, but I hadn’t thought much about leaving this life behind. Today I realized what a great group of people I have in my life and I will definitely miss living so close to all of them. While I know I will make new friends, it will be tough not having my old friends too. I found myself saying time and time again, come and visit! As I draw closer to moving day, its definitely dawning on me that a chapter on my life is coming to an end. I’m excited for the new one, but I am also sad to see this one close.


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