Beginning a New Adventure

This fall I am returning to school for the second time (I went back for my Masters three years ago). I am taking a much larger step this time, since I am going to be working toward getting my PhD.
Since this is the second time at grad school for me, I am a little more prepared at what to expect. My first go around was filled with a great deal of hard work and as much crying. I had high expectations for myself and found it difficult to sometimes meet those goals. This time around, I still have the same expectations for myself, but I know what I’m getting myself into. I am also uprooting myself from the place I’ve lived my entire life and moving to northern California.
Due to the change in location and the amount of work I anticipate, I thought maybe it would help to document my life as a grad student. So for fellow grad students, feel free to follow along and share your crazy experiences. For all others, either this might inspire you to return to school or be incredibly thankful you never made this decision!


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